Managing the energy and uptime of your business starts with data.  If you can measure it, you can manage it.  Your first step is to PerceivIt.

Solutions to Measure Business Efficiency

We make the technology that wise companies use to monitor and manage their consumption (or generation) of resources: electricity, water, natural gas, and carbon footprint.  We also monitor critical machines for failure, to ensure 24x7 operational uptime.  Our products are intelligent, Internet-connected sensor systems (Data Acquisition Systems or DAS) that gather data from machines and sensors, then send the data to the cloud via a cellular Internet connection.

Cloud Simplicity

PerceivIt systems are configured and managed simply: through web dashboards and mobile apps.  This reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of deploying and managing monitoring solutions.  With affordable, increased visibility into its operations, a business can identify and eliminate inefficiency the instant it occurs.

Adding Perception to I.T.

Our products are a key part of the solution.  The other piece is software that performs deep analysis of the data.  Sometimes it takes experts to analyze the data and determine actionable steps towards resolution.  So we partner with service providers, machine manufacturers, and software vendors who use PerceivIt products to deliver a complete I.T. solution for business efficiency.

We Want To Hear From You...

Facility Owner / Operators
Are you an owner or manager of a commercial or industrial facility?  Learn how our tools can help you reduce energy use and prevent downtime of your operations.

Energy Managers
Do you manage energy for owners of commercial or industrial buildings?  Are you an ESCO or EMS? Contact us to learn about our DAS solutions for energy management.

Machine Manufacturers
We work with industrial machine manufacturers to connect their machines safely and reliably to the Internet.  Learn how we can do that for you, too.

Software Vendors
Do you develop software that can help visualize or analyze energy and machine performance data?  Let's talk about partnership possibilities.


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