Company Overview

Located in the Columbia River Gorge, we sit squarely at the nexus of energy and water.  With 31 hydroelectric dams, our region generates 30% of the power used in the Northwest.  Vast wind farms near our headquarters make Oregon the 5th largest state in wind power output.  And the Columbia River (4th largest in the US) irrigates most of the 30+ million acres of agriculture in Oregon and Washington.

The Gorge is home to major manufacturers of airplanes, craft beers, sports equipment, and food (Boeing InsituFull Sail BrewingDaKineTofurky).  Each day, barges and trains carry thousands of tons of commodities through the scenic Columbia River, constantly reminding us of the link between natural resources and commerce.  And it’s inspired us to build the technology that businesses need to be as efficient and sustainable as possible with their resources.

Our solutions deliver metering and sensor data to the cloud, where it can be more easily analyzed and managed.  The world’s largest cloud data centers: GoogleAmazonFacebook and Apple all sit near us, powered by hydroelectricity from the mighty Columbia.

PerceivIt was born from decades of expertise across three domains: 

  • Electronics design & manufacturing
  • Energy monitoring
  • Machine monitoring

Team Members

Jonah Peskin
Founder, CEO
Jonah received his bachelor's and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from M.I.T.  After working on defense-grade robotics at the MIT AI Lab and Draper Labs, he spent 14 years managing the design of electronics and software for some of the world's largest companies, delivering consumer, commercial, and aeronautical grade products.

Jason Child
Director of Engineering
Jason brings extensive energy monitoring expertise to the company, having recently managed the entire engineering team and vendor sourcing for one of the largest renewable energy monitoring companies in North America.  He has over 14 years of hands-on experience in the design and field support of industrial electronic systems.


Industrial Reliability & Asset Management
Greg has over 15yrs of domain experience as a product manager and sales manager in machine monitoring and predictive failure.  He has worked at major equipment reliability vendors such as Emerson and SKF.  Greg visits dozens of the largest factories across the US and Brazil each year, and he maintains relationships through a deep understanding of the customer's problems and needs.

Charlie Kawasaki
Business & Technical Advisor
Charlie is a software development expert and veteran startup exec, having served as CEO and CTO of Northwest startups that have raised $75m from VC funds, including Central Point Software, RuleSpace and PacStar.   Charlie has extensive technical and leadership experience with energy efficiency and Smart Grid, and currently serves as Chair, Membership and Development, for Smart Grid Oregon.

Advisory Board

Tom Keffer, PhD
Tom is experienced in all aspects of starting, growing, financing, and exiting a high-tech company. He founded Rogue Wave Software in 1989, and grew it to a $60 M/year, 400 person company in 8 years. Along the way, he did two rounds of venture financing (El Dorado Ventures, Menlo Park Ventures), a public offering (1996), a secondary offering (1997), and four $1M+ acquisitions.

Bard Richmond
Bard is an M.I.T. alum and veteran technology entrepreneur who was co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Active Voice Corporation, having built his company from a three-person operation in 1983 into a 400 person public company, selling products worldwide, and winning numerous industry awards. Cisco Systems purchased Active Voice in February 2001.

Will Swope
Will is a former Corporate VP at Intel.  While there, he managed pricing, strategic planning, product planning and management, software management, corporate affairs, and sustainability.

Brian Ruder
Brian started his career as a CIA analyst and moved to computer security consulting for giants like Shell, GE, and Merrill Lynch.  He then spent 17 years at VISA, rising to SVP of E-Commerce.  While there, he managed the settlement system for all transactions worldwide, introduced neural-network based risk management; and oversaw customer service, international market development, and PR.